Tips to make a TON of commissions on this launch:

Prepare Your Promo and Get Ready for This Launch... It's Gonna be a BIG payday for you!

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  • PRE-SELL the offer by sending out a warm up email to your list. 
  • Email EXACTLY on the launch date and time. (let your list take advantage of 'time freeze' pricing). 
  • EMAIL two to three times or more during the launch, depends on your strategy. 
    Even many top affiliates send emails everyday during the launch. 
  • Offer BONUS package - some people will buy just to get the bonuses. Add in your own personal & unique bonuses to make this more appealing to your subscribers, your conversions are sure to be stronger! 
  • Create your landing "VIDEO REVIEW + BONUS" page. Remind them that they won't see your bonuses elsewhere, pitch scarcity of your bonus. 
  • Send email again to UN-OPENS, 12-24 hours after the initial email. Do little changes on the subject and email body. 

  • Email 6-24 hours before we close the offer and the introductory price is gone forever.